Grapevine Botanical Gardens Greenhouse Project

The Grapevine Garden Club, in partnership with the Grapevine Parks & Recreation Department (PARD), is proud to announce plans to build a greenhouse in the Grapevine Botanical Gardens.

We believe a greenhouse will provide opportunities to expand the Gardens’ educational classes by creating a no-season growing environment. It will provide a living laboratory for hands-on lessons in plant propagation, floriculture, container gardening, fertilization, transplanting, and soil preparation.

Additionally, the docent program will be extended to volunteers who want to “get their hands dirty” working in the greenhouse. Challenged individuals can benefit from horticultural therapy in the facility.

The greenhouse will also serve as a center to grow a wider variety of plants for the Gardens and special civic events.

Greenhouse Information

The proposed 52 ft. x 72 ft. aluminum frame greenhouse will have a 22 ft. x 24 ft. head house for potting and tool storage. It will have strong polycarbonate adjustable roof and side windows.

Temperature and ventilation will be automatically regulated with energy efficient environmental controls and shade system. It will have multiple irrigation zones including mist, drip, and overhead watering.

The facility will be landscaped to blend into the natural setting of the Gardens and be accessible to everyone. It will be located across the creek, in the northeast corner of the Botanical Gardens.

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Greenhouse 1

With your help, the dream will become a reality.

Make a Donation

Every garden needs sun, water and nutrients to help it grow. In the same way, the Grapevine Botanical Gardens Greenhouse Project needs the generosity and support of friends.

The estimated cost of the project is $150,000. The money will be raised by contributions, matching funds and grants. We invite you to participate in this growth with your tax-deductible contribution.

Donations may be made “In Memory of” or “In Honor of” friends or loved ones. All donations greater than $500 will be permanently recognized in the garden. Click here for the donation form.

Make checks payable to Grapevine Garden Club, Inc., Greenhouse Project Fund

Write Grapevine Botanical Gardens on memo line.

Please mail your donation to

Grapevine Garden Club
P.O. Box 811
Grapevine, TX 76099

The Grapevine Garden Club and Grapevine Parks & Recreation are committed to educating and inspiring citizens about plants, wildlife and our natural resources. Thank you for your donation and support.